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Connect with Color: 7 Keys to Improve Personal and Professional Relationships, Interactions & Experiences

In this course, you’ll learn how color preferences can help you improve the interactions & experiences you have with friends & family, colleagues & co-workers, clients & customers.

Through the Kaleidoscope Coloring Pages

Color Your Way Through the Kaleidoscope

Infused with healing energy & imagery, these FREE coloring pages -- some simple, some complex -- will help quiet your mind as they spark your creativity. Explore and have fun as you play with color, allowing the energy to work its magic on you!

Certified Angel Card Reader

Angel Card Readings

Angels are protective, loving guides who can inspire, motivate and heal, helping us with every area of our lives. They help guide us when we need encouragement, motivation and confidence.

As a Certified Angel Card Reader™, I guide you in answering questions if you feel struck in a certain area of your life or business. Whether we’re meeting in-person or by phone, you can connect to your angels during our session simply by asking a question.

Learn more PLUS discover how to get a Complimentary Reading!

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What would success on your terms look like?

Inspired Goal Setting

What is “inspired goal setting” and why would you want to set inspired goals? Inspired goal setting is about where you want to go – where you really want to go in your life and business when you allow yourself the time and space to dream and dream big! So why do it? Well, how…

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The Business of Chasing Lizards

She wanders over to me and nudges my leg. I’m focused on the task at hand so return the nudge with a quick pat on her back. Clearly she knows something I don’t; she nudges my leg again, this time with greater urgency. Two quick pokes accompanied by two imploring whimpers. Obviously to her, it’s…

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Why Movies are Great Tool for Self-Growth

By Lisa Elin, Movies are great fun, but did you know that they can actually be used to further to your own growth? To make you better at the qualities needed for success, and to grow past the hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back? It’s absolutely true – and absolutely fun! Using…

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Cosmetic Colors and Your Personality

By Dewey Sadka   Q. Is there a correlation between cosmetic colors and your personality? A. Your color preferences scientifically predict your personality and also how others respond to you. Simply stated, you are attracted to colors that subjectively reflect an emotional desire. So wearing or using a color in cosmetics tells the world who you are, as…

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Fashion and Style You’ll Love

Join host Kelly Galea for this fashion-forward episode of “Power Up Living” with fashion consultant, Melanie Pace. Melanie shares with us trends plus colors that are hot this season. Stuck in a fashion rut? She’ll help you trade in those yoga pants for updated comfort, appeal and style you’ll love! Speaking of love, with Valentine’s…

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Go With Your Gut

On this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea talks with Tina Leigh, certified wellness practitioner. Discover how the familiar knot in your gut is a secret weapon to you achieving optimal health!   Tina shares her insights, plus tips on what super busy people who are always on the run can do. Learn…

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Take a Break – You deserve it!

By Adwiti Haffner Occasionally one needs to pause, to take a gentle break from the bustling existence of demands, commands, needs, desires, wants and retreat into complete silence to shift from that crazy constant motion to a state of respite, offering yourself some rest, rejuvenation and nourishment. The world is swirling with problems, illnesses, dis-eases…

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The Universe IS Your Friend

By Hemal Radia When many go through challenges and strife, it may be very easy to believe that they are alone and that there is nothing and no one on their side. This can very much be an easy view to have from our ‘physical’ perspective. Especially when we have always been taught to only…

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Protected by Angels

Many thanks to Deborah “Atianne” Wilson of Angels And Prosperity for this post. To hear more from Deborah, join us for this episode: It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy. You’ll love her energy, intuitive guidance and insight, and powered up way of being! ~KG By Deborah “Atianne” Wilson As I continue to work with the…

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The Color of Love

By Dewey Sadka   How do you snag that first date? Or create passionate encounters with your spouse? Worry, no longer. Cupid has arrived. The world’s first scientifically valid color test discards intimacy blockers and creates sexy bonds by simply revealing how you both express love.   Well, how does this work you might ask?…

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Meditation to Improve a Relationship

Today’s post is a wonderful meditation from our Relationship Editor, Dr. Saskia Coté. We’re thrilled to welcome Saskia to the team and know you will enjoy her insight, advice, tips & teachings in the weeks & months to come. Enjoy the meditation, then share with us the transformations you experience in your relationships! ~KG   By Dr.…

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Toxic Family Communication — You Can Change It!

~ By Dave Kanegis ~ Everyone has experienced moments of feeling smothered or frustrated by the interference and advice of a loving and concerned family member. Expressing feelings and opinions in an open and non intrusive way is a part of family life. It happens and always will. However, often out of a sense of worry,…

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Creativity Killers: When You’re Stuck in a Rut

For creative business owners and entrepreneurs, being stuck in a rut can feel like a death knell for creativity. We can easily become irritated, impatient, overwhelmed, bored, angry and even depressed. Feeling stuck can lead to the business equivalent of the unprepared driver whose car gets stuck in the mud or snow – pushing the…

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How to Reclaim Your Time: Tips for Busy Creative Entrepreneurs

Do you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, that you’re always running behind? Do you feel bad about the time you’re spending on work, because you’re feeling guilty about not spending time with family and friends, doing the things you love? Do you feel you’re not spending enough time…

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3 Obstacles Between You and Your Business Breakthrough

The word ‘breakthrough’ is so alive with meaning. As creatives in business, we long to experience and savor the delicious sensation of breaking through to the next level, newest discovery or business innovation. What are we usually attempting to create breakthroughs around? Here’s a clue: Ask anyone you know the two things they wish they…

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It’s Your Time: Stop Spending It & Start Creating It

with Kelly Galea Are you wondering how you’ll ever find time to start or launch your business? If you’re building a business on the side, are you concerned about having enough time to grow it to a point where you can finally leave your job behind? Or are you an overwhelmed entrepreneur or business owner…

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Be a Magician of Transition

Have you ever wondered how some people just make it seem so easy to go through big life & business changes? They make it look almost effortless. From career change, relocation, monetary windfalls & financial ruin to marriage, divorce, providing care for children & aging parents, some people just seem to have a knack for…

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Changing Direction: Letting Go, Moving On & Navigating a New Course

You’re an entrepreneur or business owner. Thing are going okay – maybe even great! You’ve been busy building a business or enterprise when you wake one morning and think … Uh-oh. This isn’t it. This is NOT what I’m meant to be doing.   Oh $#%^!!   How in the world do I change direction…

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Make Room for You and for Your Business

A quick way to get reinvigorated about your business is to make room for what you really enjoy. Let’s start with a scan of your office space and resource library – approach it like a re-design project and edit what isn’t working! I’m a huge proponent of having systems in place that work for you.…

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How Feng Shui Changed My Life

When I look back and consider all that has happened in the relatively short time since my first Feng Shui consultation, it is absolutely astounding. First of all, I had the good fortune to meet a true master, Melanie Adrienne Hill of Living Space Feng Shui Design. Circumstances led us to meet one another, we…

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Working with a Pet Communicator

This week’s Power Up Living show guest is Colleen Gordon, founder of Healing for Pets and a talented Pet Communicator, Licensed Massage Therapist and Usui trained Reiki master. What’s it like to work with a pet communicator? Rather than attempt to explain the process, I thought I’d share stories from a few of Colleen’s happy clients!…

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The Color of Money

By Dewey Sadka So what makes you the most money? Is failure and boredom avoidable? For the most part YES. Your one-of-a-kind success recipe, revealed by using the world’s first scientifically valid color test, is all about doing what you most enjoy. Lucky for you it’s also your color for money and workplace success. Well…

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How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Today’s post is courtesy of Hemal Radia, our guest on the next From Corporate to Creative radio show. I’m very much looking forward to interviewing Hemal and absorbing the information he’ll share with you on this important topic. We’ve spoken once before & he is such a joy! Hemal’s love and passion for doing what…

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Shame and our relationship with money. . .

By Luna Jaffe Arianna, an acquaintance, came up to me at an event this weekend and said, “I’ve been avoiding you and your book, and I realize that I’m afraid of you.” Surprised, I asked, “Why?” “I’m ashamed of where I am with money… don’t want you to see it, or to know this about…

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