Making Raising A Brain Disordered Child Easy

Miracles are MadeLynette Louise aka The Brain Broad raised eight children. Six of those were adopted and five were multiply cognitively challenged. At present she travels internationally helping families with a brain disorder in the nest. She uses neurofeedback/play and behavioral counseling.

People have always asked her how she managed to handle raising so many challenged children into lives of independence. She says, “That part was easy.”

Today she is going to tell us how.


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LynetteLouise_2About our Guest

Lynette Louise is an international mental health expert specializing in autism. A speaker, author, performer, popular podcast host, and creator/host for the reality series FIX IT IN FIVE, she is also the single mother of eight now grown children–six adopted, four on the autism spectrum. Only one of her sons retains his label and remains dependent.


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