Cosmetic Colors and Your Personality

dreamstimefree_63837By Dewey Sadka  

Q. Is there a correlation between cosmetic colors and your personality?

A. Your color preferences scientifically predict your personality and also how others respond to you. Simply stated, you are attracted to colors that subjectively reflect an emotional desire. So wearing or using a color in cosmetics tells the world who you are, as well as your mood.  


Q. How do shades of red reflect a dominant woman and how do shades of magenta reflect seduction?

A. Our new research (publishing in the North American Journal of Psychology) indicates that red shows a person is dominant, forceful, and assertive. Whereas magenta is indicative of a person that avoids conflict by appearing to cooperate and deferring issues until later.  


Q. If you have tendency to gravitate towards shades of brown and black makeup, what does that ‘mean’? How about if you like glitter?

A. Shades of brown cosmetics make you more sensual. They give off the ambiance that you want to be touched. While black and gray tones make you more mysterious and seductive. Others will see you as unavailable—the ultimate turn-on.  


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By Dewey Sadka

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