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Become an Expert in Your Industry with 3 Easy Steps by Nadine Lajoie

HR-TEDx_4_sebastien_roy~ On our next Power Up Living show, we’re talking with Nadine Lajoie, author of “Win the Race of Life … with Balance & Passion at 180MPH!” You know I love sports cars & the rush of adrenaline, so it’s no wonder I was drawn to Nadine’s story of championship motorcycle racing, success acceleration training, and her message of hope, strategy and fast action. Click here to learn more and tune in for the show.  Welcome to your R.A.C.I.N.G. journey! ~K.G.

~By Nadine Lajoie

Many people ask me how I was featured in Performance Magazine along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar and how I was invited to speak in India, Paris and many other places.    How did so many things and wins happen in such a short period of time?   It seems…  Let me share with you the 3 main ingredients:

1- WHO DO YOU KNOW: Success in life and business is always about “WHO YOU KNOW” and how you build relationships with people.  Being a financial planner for 17 years and now retired, I perfected my skills  connecting with my clients and people at all kinds of events including networking and seminars.  I always try to include the professional,  personal and spiritual sides into each conversation.  I can be a little shy and uncomfortable sometimes, but I do it anyway.  If you don’t repeatedly expose yourself, and be genuine, sincere and lovable, but mostly have the profound desire to help people and take action, how can you stand out from all the people they meet? Every meeting and seminar you attend will bring you one step further.  Each time you meet that same person, you are making an impact and an impression, and every time, it needs to be a lasting one.  If you say something, do it and take action.  There are so many people who do not respect their commitments, please don’t fall into that category.

2- MASSIVE ACTION:  My success did not happen overnight; it is the result of some very dedicated and hard work. Since 2007, I’m working harder than ever to make my dream of speaking and singing to inspire millions of people around the world happen.  First, I had to take massive action for immigration and real estate, before I could concentrate on my speaking in 2010.  The lesson here is:  many times you have to take detours, life can take you down another path and perhaps you have to do something else before you can concentrate on your main goal.  That is part of life, but if you continuously take action both small and large, you will reach your dream/goal, if you stay focused and in my opinion possess this primary quality: persistence.  People around you see that you are still moving forward and breaking barriers, no matter what happens and what challenges you have to endure and at one point, people will give you a hand.  If you quit right at the start or at the next few corners of the race, they are not really interested in helping!

3- POSITIONING:  On top of positioning yourself in front of influential people as I discussed in my first point, you need to take extra steps to become an expert. You have to provide a lot of information through blogs, articles, magazines, social media, videos, books, radio shows, branding, website, marketing, etc.. It is incredible everything we have to do nowadays. Before, it was so much easier with connecting one-on-one and building relationships, taking action, setting-up a meeting and bingo!  Now people Google you and see how many friends you have on social media first.  You have to do it all to position yourself correctly.  For the past 2 years, people were advising me to have my own radio show, as it would help my exposure but I didn’t listen.  I finally did and learned how to do everything, inviting guests I wanted to build relationships with and found it much easier to have them on my radio show than expected.  Who says no to more exposure for their brand, products and services?  Internet radio now surpasses terrestrial radio, why not take advantage of it too?

You can use these 3 steps in any industry and anywhere in the world and start to get results, some faster than others, but you need to keep the focus and the momentum!  You never know where it will lead you, maybe to becoming a famous radio-host in your area or a TV host, but one thing is certain, if you don’t have any practice or any exposure, it will never happen!

If you are still not convinced these 3 steps can help you get some good results, can you explain this?  How in less than 2 ½ years in the speaking industry I spoke on the TEDx stage and the California Women’s Conference along with Les Brown, Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson, Marcia Cross, Dr. John Graym Greg S. Reid, Michael Beckwith, Brendon Burchard, Mark Victor Henson, Adam Markel, Ali Brown, Berny Dohrmann and many others?  In Fresno, at the Central California Women’s Conference, Jamie Lee Curtis was the main speaker, and now I’m invited again to India, and Africa, Pakistan and the UK.

If you do your homework, take action and surround yourself with amazing people, you can become an expert in your industry.  Since I love to see people taking action quickly and this is a fantastic tool, I recently created the “Radio Guide 101…  Increase your Expert Status”, a 1-hour CD that concisely explains a step-by-step process, high speed and easy, so you can create your own radio show within a few hours.  For more information and to order your CD, please visit:

R.A.C.I.N.G. to your Expertise Status!

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