Episode 000 – Through the Kaleidoscope

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“Life, on this earth may be likened to a great kaleidoscope before which the scenes and facts and material substances are ever shifting and changing, and all any man can do is to take these facts and substances and re-arrange them in new combinations.
The process through which this is done is called imagination.”

~ Napoleon Hill, “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons”

Welcome to the “Through the Kaleidoscope” show! This episode provides an introduction to the show series and your host, Kelly Galea.

You’ll discover:

  • What the show is all about
  • Why Kelly started this show
  • How it will help you
  • All the fun things we’ll be doing
  • Why you’ll want to subscribe!


Show Notes: 

Check out the visualization exercise so you can get the most out of series & future episodes.

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